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Exhibitions play a colossal role in the work of artists.

Visitors to an art exhibition can praise and scold the artist, admire or treat his work coldly and indifferently, fall in love with his work or criticize it to smithereens. The exhibition can become the object of the most controversial and gossip.

The only thing that cannot be argued with is that the presence of a painting at the exhibition already indicates a certain level, fame, and recognition of the author.

     Our JUDGE of our Winter Exhibition JEN ORPIN and OMID ASADI take into account the quality of the work and its originality. Feedback and comments from the JUDGE can be helpful in further developing your skills and style.


JUDGE of our Winter Exhibition!

Jen Orpin graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University in 1996 with a degree in Fine Art. She lives in Manchester and joined Rogue Artists’ Studios, Manchester in 2000.

In 2018 she appeared in Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year where the judges chose her in their top three for the heat. In November 2019 she cofounded Rogue Women and co-ordinated a group show of 45 female artists from Rogue including invited guest artists from all over the UK. The exhibition then returned in 2023 with Rogue Women II. She's had two solo shows, a 10 week solo show at the Manchester Modernist Society in 2021, her paintings appeared in two publications in conjunction with them and a project called Landscapes of Post War Infrastructure and in 2023 a three week show with four weekend residencies at Saul Hay Gallery.


In 2012, he embarked on an artistic journey, beginning with foundational studies in art at the college level. This humble start marked the inception of a remarkable trajectory that would lead him to earn an MA in Fine Art with Distinction from Manchester School of Art in 2018.

Omid’s artistic ventures have spanned across national and international exhibitions, captivating audiences with his unique approach. His creative nucleus revolves around the concept of contrast, interwoven across mediums, materials, colors, textures, cultures, meanings, and nature. Within these contrasts, he delves into a diverse range of disciplines, delving into poignant issues such as the human condition, immigration, identity, environment, and cherished childhood memories.  

Taking part in an artist's exhibition is a step forward for aspiring artists. This is an opportunity to present your creations and draw attention to your creativity.

To successfully showcase your own work at our exhibition, we advise you to choose the strongest and most representative works that reflect your personality and style. When preparing your work, pay attention to the design - choose suitable frames that will highlight and complement your paintings. Be sure to sign each painting with your first and last name, as well as the date of creation. This will help identify you as the author and establish contact with interested people.

Don't miss out our opportunity!

Deadline for entries is Midnight on 19 October 23.

For more details on how to enter please follow the link

The Exhibition will run from 3rd November until 14th January 2024.

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