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MYE Painting Collective
25-29 April


So many of the conversations about Painting that took place during the forming of this collective revealed that the most significant common ground beyond our chosen medium is not style or subject but more to do with experiences and intentions.

We live and paint in three of Manchester’s satellite regions and found we shared an interest in taking our work outside of the urban Painting hub we already know and into our local communities to find out what that might engender. This process has revealed dynamic new (to us) networks of painters and curators and a widespread interest in Painting that has been energising and inspiring and we hope to contribute to this expanding movement.

Having reached this point in our practices via circuitous routes; Emerging Artists whose previous careers include: psychologist, textile practitioner and film art director, we share a sense that this “longer route” to Painting and the resulting accumulation of experiences enriches our practice providing multifarious sources from which to draw insight, inspiration and intention.

We also share the experience of completing our MA in Painting and our on-going participation in the MFA Painting program at Manchester Art School. This crucible continues to challenge through rigorous critical and theoretical exploration of what Painting is and forensic interrogation into what it might mean to make a “good” painting. While our preoccupations vary, we are all reaching for technical excellence and concurrently establishing strong personal perspectives in terms of our individual concerns, while developing methodology that creates enough momentum to sustain on-going development indefinitely.

Past Exhibitions

Love Songs & Hit Lists
27.03 - 08.04.23

Jamie Kirk


The initial concepts in my practice usually originate from introspective observations and commentary on social conventions. I translate these into quick, small and informal drawings to form the foundation for much larger and complex paintings, which are effectively abstract self portraits. However, although I control the medium to an extent, the rest of the process is intuitive, with each layer obscuring the starting point. By the time the paint arrives at an unplanned state of completion, its intention is as ambiguous to me, and I find new meaning; fortunate mistakes peppered across precise, interwoven mark-making and garish colours confined to predetermined, sinister shapes. This palimpsestic approach conjures its own visual language, and enables me to communicate things I otherwise couldn’t, wouldn’t, or shouldn’t. Sometimes the only trace of the concept is the title it arrives at. ‘Love Songs & Hit Lists’, is itself a meta-reference to categories I would place these introspections and by extension, my paintings: ‘Love’ &’Hate.

Ruth Fildes 
Artist in Residence 2022

04.03 - 25.03.23


Preview Evening: Saturday 4th March 7-9pm
Live music, cocktails and art! 
Speeches at 7.30pm

Last year Ruth spent her whole her time at Inch Arts, getting to know and understand the very special people who use the space and everything it offers.  To celebrate  and express the wonderfully diverse and creative personalities, she has created over 300 portraits in the form of paintings, drawings, prints and mixed media pieces, which will all be specially installed in our gallery space for her final show.


The exhibition shows how much the space is used and how valuable a resource it is to the community. Come and see someone you know!

 Winter Open Exhibition

25th November to 4th February

This Year's Winners:

1st Debbie Goldsmith

2nd Peter Davis 

Our winter show opened Friday 25th November. It was packed with excited artist waiting to see who had won the prizes. Tom Croft had judged the competition and obviously took his role very seriously with a 10 presentation about the work. Tom was really impressed and gave special mentions to (amounts others) Elise Mendell, Stuart Mc Govan, Georgia Taylor, Steve Bruce, and Linda Rossiter.
The exhibition is open until February with lots of variety of different styles and genres of work. In addition on Saturday's we have Inch Arts Christmas Saturdays when we will have lots of makers work.


Alan Hawkins     24 October - 4 November 2022

Alan Hawkins was born on 11th January 1950 in Ashton-on-Mersey, Manchester. At the age of 21 he went to Northwich College of Art on the strength of his paintings without qualifications, leaving in 1973 with a Dip.A.D. 


Alan has fulfilled numerous private commissions in the UK painting celebrities such as Matthew Kelly, Robert Powell and Chris Eubank. He was commissioned by The Royal Variety Club to paint Les Dawson. As a recognised portrait painter he was approached to paint portraits of 5 entrepreneurs on The Sunday Times Rich List. In 1990 Alan was featured twice on television highlighting his Whitby painting named ‘Left to Cope’.In 1995, Alan painted Princess Diana in a special needs school in Japan holding a child. 

Rachael Addis                             10th - 21 October


Rachael's practice is fundamentally a mark making process in which she creates abstract landscapes by applying a multitude of painted layers and patterns to the surface of canvas and paper. Her formative years, spent between the Lake District and Asia had an important inspiration on the process, colours and aesthetic of her work. Following her degree in Fine art, Rachael completed the three year postgraduate programme at the Royal Academy of Arts in London. Achievements include the Cotton on Mcr's Manc of the Year, Jackson’s Painting Prize 2021 and the Art Gemini Prize 2021 People’s choice award.

'Three Figures'_Charcoal and pastel on paper_100x150cm.jpg

Abi Joy Samuel               9th - 30th September

What if everyone from the day they were born had one piece of paper assigned to them and for each experience they had a drawing was made, one on top of the other, creating a complete visual impression of the complexity of human existence? Abi Joy Samuel (born 1993) is a London based expressionist figurative artist. Working in a multitude of layers, rubbing back and working over, Abi goes on a spiritual journey to understand the temporary nature of our existence, whilst her mediums of choice (charcoal and pastel on paper), symbolise fragility and acceptance.

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