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Music for Games

This course will go over the basics of making music for video games. We will explore the different genres of video games from 8Bit retro games to large scale fantasy games and everything in between. We will look at pictures and video clips of popular games and discuss the feelings they give off and how we would approach making music for them. There will also be a basic overview of music theory and how to express different emotions through music.

As a composer for video games I will show you how I wrote soundtracks for the games I worked on and the obstacles I had to overcome.


Music for Film

This course will go over the basics of writing music to moving image. We will focus on moods and emotions rather than technical song writing and music production. We will collaboratively write pieces for clips from films.

We will use software such as Logic Pro to build a basic understanding of how to record instruments such as piano and guitar. We will also create our own sounds using various plugins and sound libraries.


Electronic Music

This course will be a brief overview of popular electronic music genres which we hear every day on the radio. From trap music to hip-hop to dance we will cover all the genres that are prevalent in today’s music industry. We will learn the basic techniques that each different genre implements to make it fit into that category of music. We will also make songs collaboratively in a fun and imaginative environment.

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