Luke Stidworthy
Jo Cushing

Creativity is very important. It gives the opportunity to increase self-confidence, develop new skills and gain a sensibility about the arts.


Our main objective is to promote the Arts. We offer a wide range of classes and resources where anyone is welcome to create, explore or exhibit their work.


Everyone is welcome, from the beginner to the professional artist, musician or maker.  

Here, creativity is encouraged through :

  • education

  • assisting the unemployed

  • assisting new and existing business

  • hosting events

  • health and wellbeing groups. 


We offer you a fully inclusive socially creative environment. We want to promote positive mental health and well-being through creativity. 


Inch Arts is a creative space and an award-winning Arts Centre.

By becoming a member of the centre, you can have access to laser cutting, 3D printing, and even learning how to use a CNC router. 


Therefore, whether you :

  • are an established artist looking for space,

  • have an idea for a class you'd like to teach,

  • just want to try something new in a supportive environment,

Feel free to contact us, or just drop in for a quick chat !