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I recycle newspapers and magazines into papier mache birds, animals and people.  I live and work in a small but very untidy house on the edge of the Peak District. I am The Woman Who Can't Throw Anything Away. This is an occupational hazard of anyone who works with recycled materials. Nothing is ever rubbish. My birds and animals are inspired by what I see around me (though next door's cat seems to have put the blue tits off visiting our back yard these days - can't imagine why) Next door's cat is too fat to be rendered in papier mâché - there just isn't enough paper in the world. When I have spent too long with just glue and paper for company I venture out into the real world on my bike to find out if I still have any social skills left.


20 Stamford New Road
WA14 1EJ Altrincham

Contact Number

07873 263271