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In order to use any of the machines by themselves, any new member must go through an induction. This will allow you to use the equipment in a safe and effective way.

During the induction, you will be taught about the necessary softwares you will need to use the machines, such as Adobe illustrator, Inkscape, Autocad Fusion, etc. Some of them are free and others require payment.

You will only be able to use the machines once you have been through the induction. The Maker Manager will be around to help so please ask questions.

Here are the rules of the Maker Space :

  • Tidy up after every use,

  • Ask for help if this is your first time using a machine,

  • Safety goggles and masks are mandatory when using machines,

  • All accidents must be reported to the Maker Manager and recorded,

  • When using solvents, make sure there is enough ventilation or go outside,

  • Be courteous to other workshop users​.

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