One Day Workshops

Oil painting Workshop

oil painting workshop.jpeg

Expressive Landscapes

Oil painting with Ruth Fildes 


The workshop will focus on creating expressive landscapes which are more lively and emotional, by freeing up the marks and using a range of different and unusual painting tools.


You will create a number of paintings in the time and so there will be a lot to take home at the end of the four hours!

Your paintings would make wonderful personal Christmas presents.

You don’t need to have had any experience to take part. 


All materials will be provided.  

Places are limited so book early to avoid missing out.


£55 for non-members

£50 for members                  


Sunday 28th November 11am - 3pm               

Music Recording Studio Workshops


Maker Space workshops


Digital Audio Production

In our new recording Studio Luke Stidworthy tutors an introductory 4 week course in music production.

In small groups you will take part in practical studio-based workshop sessions covering a range of different software used to make music, edit and produce across different genres including acoustic and electronic. 

£85/80                 + 27/09/21 for 4 weeks 7-9pm                    

Introduction to Computer Drawing Packages  

InkScape is very straightforward, free and easy to use drawing package. It has a well-arranged menu system and it allows you to do any 2D graphic that you can otherwise create using expensive programs like Illustrator. 


Over the course you will quickly become acquainted with this user friendly drawing package.  After the session you will be able use the package from your own computer and create your own drawings at home

£20.                  Thursday 7 October 7-9pm


Introduction to Laser Cutting 

In this course we will guide you through using a 2d drawing to cut
and etch materials and importing files onto the Laser Cutter Software for cutting using the laser at the correct speed and intensity. The emphasis is on giving you a hands-on introduction to the full potential of the laser cutter. This course is suitable for all levels of ability as no previous experience is necessary.

£25.                Thursday 14 October 7-9pm


Introduction to 3d Printing 

The 3D printing process builds a 3-dimensional object from a digital computer-aided design model, usually by successively adding material layer by layer. Objects or parts are built in very thin layers, allowing for highly complex geometries that are impossible to achieve via any other manufacturing process. The workshops demonstrated how to use the machine
£25                 Thursday 21 October 7-9pm

Makerspace full_edited.jpg

Demonstration of CNC Machine  

This short demonstration gives you a basic understanding of how a CNC machine works.  We will explain how CNC machining works right the way from importing files into our CNC software through to set up and using the machine itself.  We aim to demonstrate to you the awesome capabilities and possibilities to use this machine to its full potential. 


At the end of the session you can go away and design your own box for use in Part 2 of the Course. 

£25.                Thursday 28 October 7-9pm

Makerspace full_edited.jpg

Using the CNC Machine 


Following on from the demonstration this course offer you the opportunity to get your hands on our large CNC machine and make a trinket box to your own design.  You will need to bring with you a 2d vector based drawing from autoCAD, illustrator, Inkscape etc. 


We will help you through the process of CNC machining the right the way from importing files into our CNC software through to set up and using the machine itself.  It will give you invaluable knowledge and experience to use a CNC machine and what the technology has to offer.

£50.            Saturday 6 November 11-4pm

Dark Room Workshops


Black and white film development


The first process worth learning within the world of the darkroom is the task of developing black and white film. We’ll be showing you the science of film processing, there’s nothing more exciting than developing your own roll of film.  

Just one thing to bring with you, a finished roll of black and white 35mm film (24 or 36 exposures). You can buy black and white 35mm online. 

£45.           Thursday 21 October 6.30-9pm


Black and White Printing

Learn how to print from your own black and white film photography images. The satisfaction and aesthetic beauty of a silver gelatin print cannot be beaten. Come and learn how to create some wonderful imagery, and finish the day with your own prints to frame.

£45.        Thursday 4 November 6.30-9pm

More workshops coming soon including

Samie Cain - Mixed Media